ok im building a deathwing army and i currently have25 temies which i got super cheap the problem is theres 1 chaplain 1 twin lightning claws 1 cyclone misile launcher 2 chain fists 1 assult cannon 3hvy flamer 4power weapon the rest are pfist and storm bolter which i think isnt gunna cut it so im converting the hell out of them home made thunder hams/storm shields lightning claws and cyclone missile launchers and assult cannons

i did the assult cannons first i cut heavy flamer the attahed a smoke things off the side of an old rhino with the little circle bit that goes in the middle of bike wheels

lightning claws i cut off storm bolters and basicly attched any thing pointy like lotr elf long swords which look very wolverine and scything talons which look just bad ass sure 1 hands big and 1 hands little but im to lazy to care

cyclone misile launcher i cheaped out some more and hacked a hunter killer from the knew vehicle sprue and glued it to a guys back then cut off the models p fist and stuk on the radar that comes in the vehichle sprue

thunder hammers i only made 1 and it turned out really nice i used 2 of the round bits of sprue and a chain axe whickh was missing the axe head then topped it off with terminator honours ontop

storm sheild i simply stuck sheild like things over top of power fists

any one else got other ways i can cheap out or ideas of what do do with all these storm bolters?

also what could i make a dreadnaught out of??