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    Order of the Shadowy Flame Contest

    Hey, all.

    This topic is dedicated to a contest in the Order of the Shadowy Flame (see the Clubs & Clans forum for more information). It is up to you all to be the judges on who wins! Voting ends one week from today.

    These are the rules that were posted for each contestant to follow:
    • Best Squad/Unit. No single-model units (such as Dreadnoughts or Giants).
    • To enter, send me a Personal Message detailing your game (40k or Fantasy), your army (please have a name for your unit, if possible), and your name. If you are going to drop out, please send me another PM to inform me of this.
    • Painting, converting, and a 500-1000 word fluff bio will be judged. The fluff is optional, but recommended.
    • Before and after pictures are required for your squad to be included.
    • Maximum Size: 5 models (standard bases); 3 models (larger bases). Must have at least two models to compete.
    • No Independant Characters allowed.
    • No vehicles allowed, other than bikes or jetbikes.
    • An Independent Character's retinue may be selected, but the Character must be left out.
    • Contest ends on January 31st. All pictures and fluff entries must be submitted to me by that date. The voting will begin on February 2nd and will last for a week after that. Voting will take place in the Conversion Forum.

    Voting should be based on PAINTING and CONVERTING. You can also use the fluff to help you to vote, but the more important criteria are painting and converting. It's up to you to judge which one is more important, because both can make or break a model.

    So, for the entries:

    Entry One: Adeptus Arbites
    Group: http://photobucket.com/albums/b72/wa...t=113_1395.jpg
    Leader: http://photobucket.com/albums/b72/wa...t=113_1399.jpg
    Grenade Launcher: http://photobucket.com/albums/b72/wa...t=113_1398.jpg
    Other Two: http://photobucket.com/albums/b72/wa...t=113_1396.jpg
    Group: http://photobucket.com/albums/b72/wa...tedAASquad.jpg
    Leader: http://photobucket.com/albums/b72/wa...edAALeader.jpg
    Grenade Launcher: http://photobucket.com/albums/b72/wa...dAAGrenade.jpg
    Other Two: http://photobucket.com/albums/b72/wa...edAAOthers.jpg

    Entry Two - Sisters Repentia
    Group: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b3...gt/Before1.jpg
    Group: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b3...sgt/After1.jpg
    Mistress Back: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b3...stressBack.jpg
    Random Repentia: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b3...omRepentia.jpg
    Sister Alexandra of the Order Of The Zealous Heart swung her holy Eviscarator through the air, cleaving the mutant in twain. Foul smelling blood splashed over her, and filled her with hatred, causing her to curl her lips in disgust. She begged forgives of the Emperor for allowing such filth to touch her skin. Her eyes shone with a light, that was both holy and pure, and terrible to behold. There was madness in those eyes, and an ever growing need to repent. She raised her Eviscartor to absolve the mutant before her, the whirring blades gleaming with the blood of His enemies…

    Alexandra had been a faithful Battle Sister of the Order Of The Zealous Heart. She was diligent in her duties, praying and fasting. Then one day she and her convent were called upon to destroy the cult of Azghor the Inhibited. The campaign was a success, the cult absolved. But Alexandra had exiled herself, and become one of the holy and distant Repentia. The story goes that her Sister Superior was killed by a horde of gibbering cultists, and that Alexandra had tried to save her, but in vain. All thought Alexandra had done no fault, as she did her best to save her Superior, almost at the cost of her own life. But Alexandra was a true and pious servant of the Emperor, and knew she had failed him, because her superior had fallen. She became a Repentia, hurling herself willing into the fires of battle, hoping for absolution, whilst dispensing it to others. She and her Sisters are the Emperors Divine Wrath embodied.

    A spirito dominatus
    Domine libra nos
    Alexandra screamed for absolution…
    From the lightning and the tempest,
    Our Emperor deliver us.
    The Eviscartor ripped through the heretics flesh…
    From plague, deceit, temptation and war,
    Our Emperor deliver us.
    She screamed again, feeling hot blood on her body…
    From the scourge of the Kraken,
    Our Emperor deliver us.
    Though they constantly stabbed her, she continued to cut them down…
    From the blasphemy of the Fallen,
    Our Emperor deliver us.
    The last heretic fell, and Alexandra was alone on the battlefield…
    From the begetting of deamons,
    Our Emperor deliver us.
    Wounds crowded her bloody form…
    From the curse of the mutant,
    Our Emperor deliver us.
    She fell to her knees, chocked with flith…
    A morte perpetua,
    Domine, libra nos.
    She was with the Emperor. At peace.
    That thou wouldst bring them only death,
    That thou shouldst spare none,
    That thou shouldst spare none,
    We beseech thee, destroy them.

    Entry Three: Scythes of the Emperor
    Group: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...Pcomposite.jpg
    Group: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...dcomposite.jpg
    Veteran Squad Imsaho was the last element of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter to make it off the planet chosen for their last stand, Miral, before it was over-run by the Tyranid forces during the invasion of Hive Fleet Kraken.
    The Scythes had been engaged fighting a genestealer cult in a nearby system when the Imperium discovered the scale of this new invasion, and were forced to abandon the planet to the hordes of cultists upon learning that their homeworld, Sotha, was threatened by a splinter fleet. The engaged forces made haste toward Sotha, but were forced to drop out of the warp due to the heavy disturbances caused by the Hive Fleets. While marooned around Miral, they heard from the remnants of their Chapter, who had been forced to abandon Sotha. The remaining Scythes regrouped on the systems fourth planet, a deathworld known for its dense forests and ferocious indigenous life. Joined by local planetary defence forces and a squad of Deathwatch, granted to them by the Ordo Xenos, they dug in and waited for the Tyranid storm to fall on them.

    After a week of preparation, the attacks began. Countless Tyranid monstrosities fell upon the beleaguered defenders, and countless battles were fought in space and on the ground, as the Scythes struggled against their fate. After seemingly endless desperate, boarding actions and pitched land battles the Imperial forces chose a large rock mesa fortification known as the 'Giant's Coffin' from which to make a protracted last stand.

    By now the chapter was reduced to nearly a third of its starting strength, with only a handful of company captains left alive. Many of the venerated suits of Terminator Armour had been lost, fighting tooth and claw, bolter and powerfist, deep inside the huge bio-ships in orbit around the planet. Only one Land Raider remained operational, although its lascannons were useless, fused together by near constant firing.

    After several weeks of fighting the Imperial forces attempted a breakout to leave the planet utilising a recently discovered Imperator Titan found inside the many labyrinthine chambers of the mesa fortress. The titan rained death upon the unnumbered alien attackers, but still the defenders could not kill enough. Eventually, it was brought down by sheer weight of numbers, with hundreds upon hundreds of tyranid corpses immobilizing it, and toppling its mighty form. The crews last stand was made with whatever weapons they could fashion from the tools needed to keep the mighty machine running, defending their prized god of war to the last.

    In the counter-attack that led the withdrawal, barely a hundred Imperials escaped Miral. This was only achieved when the Titan inducted a core breach to eradicate a majority of their planet based pursuers. The survivors then fled back to Graia, losing several ships enroute to harrying vanguards of the Hivefleet. Once they made Graia, they set about organising the Graian defenders for the invasion that was surely to come.

    Veteran Squad Imsaho was the squad chosen to accompany techmarine Veda on the final strike against the Tyranid forces. They were landed by drop-pod at the site of the fallen titan, with orders to detonate its plasma reactor. The mission was a success, but the honoured techmarine died with the titan, over seeing its final rights. The squad fought its way to the highest point on the Giants Coffin, and the surviving members were retrieved by a Thunderhawk Gunship.

    Entry Four: Adeptus Arbites
    Group: http://www.deviantart.com/view/28521287/
    Sarge: http://www.deviantart.com/view/27983800/
    *Note: Model on the left is the model before the hammer arm was converted.
    Group: http://www.deviantart.com/view/28509722/

    Good luck to all contestants!

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    280 (x8)

    sorry guys but for me there is only one winner- entry three

    good job everyone else but they really stood out for me

    He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man- S. Johnson

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    1 (x0)

    I agree,

    4 makes a good run for it, but 3 stands alone in its awsomeness

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    39 (x1)

    These are all some really nice squads, and i'll list them in the order that I would choose, then back it up with an expanation.

    1st: Entry Three: Scythes of the Emperor
    2nd: Entry Four: Adeptus Arbites
    3rd: Entry Two - Sisters Repentia
    4th: Entry One: Adeptus Arbites

    Scythes of the Emperor (5 1/2)
    Converting: I can't see a whole lot thats non standard, and I don't see any Original GS Sculpting. I'm not however familiar with the space marine model line, so I might be talking out of my @$$ here. However, they are all nicely based(+1), and in dynamic poses, and achiving that would require a fair bit of choping cutting, and reglueing (at the verry least on the legs). And as such in my books gets points for conversions.(+1)

    Painting: I like the paint on these models nice color scheme (+1), clean applicationg of paint(+1), and good detail work.(+1). Larger photos would have been nice, to see if there is any blending, shading, or highlighting, but overall it;s a good paint job.

    Fluff: I havn't read the fluff yet, nor am i taking it into concideration, other then the fact that there is some (+1/2).

    Adeptus Arbites (4 1/2)
    Converting: Looks to me as if these are mostly stock cadians, with a head swap (+1/2) and some GS filling in the visor(+1/2). However, leader got some attention and is pretty cool(+1)

    Painting: I don't quite know what to say about the painting. The application is clean(+1). The bright green visor goes nicely with the dark blue of the armor (+1). While the ink works nicely on the armor, it makes the cloth much to shiny. theres some good detail work, but much of the detail is missed. (+1/2). Alos lack of shading especially the weapons, and higlighting hurt these model more then anything

    Fluff: nothing.

    Sisters Repentia (3 1/2)
    Converting: From the picture it appears as if no conversions were performed at all. had there been, this would probally been my top pick.

    Painting: The paint on these models is nice. I'm not a huge fan of the color scheme, but it's cleanly applied(+1), good detail work (+1), also it looks as if some hightlighting was attempted on the gray cloth (+1). I also like the freestyle gore, but it might be a bit much.

    Fluff: Again, i didn't read it yet, but it earns a (+1/2) for being there.

    Adeptus Arbites (3)
    Converting:The conversions on these are probally the most pronounced of the lot. it looks like SM scouts were used for the base, and then extra bits were added/ replaced.(+1) a fair amount of original GS work, but it's kinda rough(+1/2). Nice idea though.

    Painting: Clean application of paint (+1) little detail work (+1/2), and no apperent shading, or higlighting. Also the overall color scheme is a quite dark, and it dosn't really work withthe white helmet.

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