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    Pre-heresy Death Guard

    Ok guys, I'm planning on putting together a pre-heresy death guard army, which I'm using as an expansion for my 2000 point Death Guard. Also, I don't want them to be all mutated and such. Finally, I'm going to try to use these models as a small loyalist marine army as well, so I'd like to keep the army very basic (Basic marines, chosen, havocs, lord...)

    So my question is this: What would you suggest for buying and converting purposes? Very basically, fluff-wise, they're a bodyguard for a radical inquisitor that's infiltrated/joined the forces of chaos (depends on who I'm playing with/against) Any army list ideas?

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    If your looking for pre-heresy death guard you could just go with basic marines with minor conversions. There was a white dwarf that had some wonderful conversions for pre-heresy, and on GW site there are basically pictures of every legion in preheresy form. studded shoulder pads is a good start. I wouldn't recommend the chaos line, as you really want a basic marine and not a marine with the more evil/daemonis outlines the CSM's have. I would equip them mainly with bolters, doesn't really matter as you have True Grit anyway. Painted in the original scheme of course.
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