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Thread: Walls

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    Yeah, hello and all that, now to the point. I'm hoping this thread will be useful for two things:[*]To help people who want walls[*]To improve upon this idea, and if anyone has any idea can they post. Thanks,

    These would best suit compounds, or other kinds of boundary walls. I was going to use them for some bizzare roleplaying thingy.

    Making walls in sections, so they can be changed:
    Get some plasticard, medium thickness (1.5mm, maybe). This is available in loads of places, Ebay is very good actually.
    Glue, and a knife.

    Cut out the base size you want the wall to be - height and length, and glue two pieces back to back. This should be thick enough to make a wall. Then add pieces of plasticard to the sides in order to decorate it - the gothic-window shaped (y'know, like in churches) things you often get to reinforce some old walls. That makes it look quite wall-like. Then glue this essentially 2d thing to a base, where of course it won't stand up, however put a strip of pcard along the side as a 45 degree support. You may need to taper the ends. YOu see this on medaeval walls as well, like this -


    Then there are a lot of gaps to fill with simple putty, but you have a moveable Gothic wall. A small strip on the top would look good, as an end, as well as cut out glyphs/runes/insignias.
    It might work putting on a gantry as well, but you'd need strong glue.

    Paint with a grey/sandstone colour after a black spray, possibly with od brick-like details.

    There you go - I should be able to test these in a week when my stuff arrives.

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    foam board works well too. its thicker, and if a little protection of the exposed foam, would work just as well. Probably less flimsy too.

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