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Thread: orksie makeup

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    orksie makeup

    be honest how many read the title and got an image of a big boss with lipstick? ^_^

    seriously i'm starting a new fantasy army and have narrowed it down to orks and gobbo's or bretonnians so apart from wanting to know what makes greenskins betterer than brets i wanna know what you guys think of the less err "reliable" greenies like night gobbofanatics, giants and squigs

    also i would like to know if arrer boyz are worth it and in the end is a black ork boss worth an extra heroe choice.

    lastly the wyvern... any good my first reaction was no considering it only had 2 attacks but it is like str 6 and t 5 with 4 wounds flying with terror a special attack it can do even if it dies and a better than avg ws for a beast also it dosn't use up add heroe slot like other drakes and is 230 points.

    ar crap i posted on wrong page can someone tell me how to move this over to the orc and gobbo forum?

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