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    HQ Marines current ideas

    I've had a few ideas, and I wanted to know what others thought of them.
    1. I have already had this mostly done for months now. Its my primarch style character. It has a pair of giant angelic wings, and the idea came from the old SM codex (the one with horus, emp., and dead sanguinis). I used a DA hooded veterine, eagle hunter from fantasy, and then chopped his arms up to make them hold a sword in front of him (like all those statues from DA codex). I just wanted to know how to construct an easy built sword, and what other conversions I could do.
    2. The other idea is from watching A Kights Tale, seeing the knights bashing each other off thier horses. I was planning on building a knight looking chaplain, riding a horse. The horse could represent a SM bike for rules purposes, and make an ornate crozium lance. Other than that, my mind goes blank on other ideas.
    Pretty much, I just need help with conversion ideas, and word from others who did something similar to these. Also, I could post a pic of my Primarch, but I dont know the size needed, or how to do it. If I get 6 posts, I'll do it for sure.

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    personally, I always liked the idea of a custom Marine chapter what rode genetically enhanced cyber-war-horses into battle...

    Space Calvalry basically.
    Pictures of the Smigs Army for your amusement....

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