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    Underside of Tanks

    Hey Guys,

    Im constucting a Razorback right now, and as the fumes of the glue came to me (JK) I realized Im not sure what to do with the underside of my tank. Should I paint it solid or would it be almost all covered in mud...hmmm so please people tell me what you do...to the down under.

    Please and Tank You


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    I guess it depends on what you are going for.

    My nurgle Rhino has a big hole in the bottom with the 'metal' torn back and foulness seeping out so that when it gets killed I can flip the tank over on its back and it becomes instand wreckage.

    Most of the rest of my vehicles are pretty standard underneath with the exception of another Chaos Rhino which is covered in chaos style graffiti on the bottom.

    Once again though, this is so that when the vehicle is killed, my opponent can read whats on the bottom when I flip it over.

    Putting mud on the bottom of your tank is a good idea, if you can pull it off properly.

    Too often I've seen battle damage and dirt and the like painted on a tank and it just looks like the painter was sloppy. I guess it depends upon your level of skill as to whether you wish to go that route.
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