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Thread: Smoke Launchers

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    Smoke Launchers

    hehehehe, this may get me banned from these fourms, but w/e
    I had the idea of combinding my two favourite hobbies: Dope and WH40K
    Thru out my days i have made a great many inventive smoking devices and had the crazy idea to make a bong (or a pipe) out of a WH tank

    I play nid's mostly, but as i have a SoB army going as well and my little brother plays SM i'm gonna use either and Exorcist or an extra rino we have kicking around

    It would be sweet to take a hit in the middle of a game, put ur tank back down and say u used your smoke launchers....and since i live in Canada I won't get arrested....hopefully

    Neway, i've already half-started to convert the rino, and will post pics of the procces and finished product at a latter time (asuming the admin. dosn't take this thread down right now)

    I've learded that life is just one crushing defeat after another untill you just wish Flanders was dead

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    As this is a public forum (meaning specifically for all ages and nations) this an appropriate subject.

    In addition, although I have nothing against you modelling your tank in any way you wish, posting such pictures as you suggested would also be stopped for the same reason.

    Furthermore, since you already seem to have had an inkling of trouble before you posted this, I would urge you to listen to your own advice before posting similar threads in the future.

    I am not going to warn you, neg rep you or anything else at this point. Everyone gets one shot in my book.
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