I do not like the look of the standard Cadian senior officer from the command squad. So, I thought having a guy like Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore from the movie Apocalypse Now would be a cool and unique addition. I finally found a 1/35 scale model to represent him built by Dragon Models (1st Cavalry Vietnam Command Squad). I have not gotten the actual model yet...but here is a link below to give you an idea of what he will look like. Main idea was to get a 'Nam era model wearing a cavalry Stetson.


He comes with a M16A1...so I am thinking about possibilities for converting this model...
any ideas from this august group of gamers? I was thinking of gaming him with his Stetson as his trademark item from the armory...but does not seem worth the points. I am not really into too much fluff...just trying to have a good conversation piece on the table.

Anyone else have any unique leader ideas they have tried out?