Hey guys I'm recently new into WHFB and I'm wondering if any of you have some advice with
the enchanted blue/iced blue skin tone for the lizzardmen. I've recently gone to my local
store and asked the guy on staff who plays lizzardmen on how to paint them I've gotten
some pretty usefull advice from him and this is what he said.

"Dont use drybrushed highlights you want to blend and deliberatly paint layers onto them
so you get more control"

"Use three to four colors of blue and using your mid tone as your wash. on the last
light layer"

I already know about intermixing layers and stuff but I'm still having trouble achieveing
the effect i want for lizzardmen flesh.

I'm going by the online GW guide and if you'd like to see it heres the link

Lizzardmen example

I'm going for a more icey blueish look than what they show.

So if your advance and if you think you can help me, I greatly appreciate it since I
desperatly need it