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    Skaven mechanical armour

    Any ideas on how to make a skaven mechanical battle suit type thing?
    No iam not meaning similiar to tau or a dreadnought i mean somthing similiar to this

    Iam thinking of making it similiar in size to a rat ogre.

    Thank you for any help

    "Oooooh them rats look just like Skittles!!"-Homer,The Simpsons

    My Skaven armylist:

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    Hi. I'm not really into skaven, but I've built a load of victorian-themed space marines, so I'm reasonably familiar with the whole retro-tech idea. I would suggest the following:

    1) Work out what you want it to look like. I've got a mental image of a clanking bronze rat 9 feet tall, but you may have other plans. The Privateer Press' Iron Kingdoms website is good for this kind of thing. A book about victorian engineering or Leonardo Da Vinci's machines might be useful for pictures.

    2) Find appropriate bits. By combining some of the skaven technological parts you could make something pretty cool. The skyre backpacks are good, as are the warplock engineer bits. Basically, anything that looks technical. One of the rat ogres has a bionic eye, I think. You could paint it like a lens and do the rest of the head as brass. Bundles of guns roped together and connected by tubes would be cool. If you strip anything from 40k (ork/marine fists?), make sure it's covered in bolts. Plastic ork boys are good for this.

    3) Keep to the theme. Everything needs to be ingenious and on the verge of exploding. Rivets everywhere, and dirty metal. A furnace and/or smoky chimneys (guns barrels) on its back would look cool (cotton wool dipped in paint water makes good smoke).

    I hope this is of some help. It's my own opinions, and I don't claim to be definative on this by any means. Good luck, and do post the results!

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