Alright, I'm not a horrible painter, but I'm not great. I'm not striving for anything near studio at all; Rather, I want something that looks like more than it is but doesn't take long. I haven't finished painting a single model completely because I paint everything at once, ie...all my armor in the regiment gets painted, then the fur etc. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera, so I can't show you what I'm working with. My biggest areas that I want improvement in is the fleshy areas (the paws, hands and face) and the fur. Both of those areas got a layer of Scorched Brown, and the fleshy areas got Elf Flesh, but they look rather bland. I have Bestial Brown that I think may spruce up the fur, but should I go the route of inks here or just drybrushing? I want the Elf Flesh to look more sickly, but I want to avoid using the same technique I'd use for Plague Monks (Pallid Flesh with some ink). Are there any inks I should look into?