right lads and sis im afraid that youll have to use your immagination for this a little until i can find me didgi cam

youll need

termi captain sm the new one
logan grimnars body
terminator chaplin crozius arcanum arm
chaos term head 3
old inquisitors terminator arm with psycannon x2
purity seals from the very old titan legions game

firstly space wolves look away now

cut logan grimmars top off carefully at the waist
file off the space wolf iconagraphy

repeat this with the terminator force commander

remove the large shoulder pads and the storm bolter from both arms try to do this and leave a small square piece of metal at the join end

remove the psycannon arm completely from both shoulder pads be carefull

drill out a cavity in both shoulder pads

pin the psycannon to the storm bolter arm and insert this to the old shoulder pad filling any gaps with green stuff

the other arm remove the arm part of the crozius arcanum carefully and the crozius itself and repeat the above with this arm

pin the power sword to this hand (compare the two hands & youll know what i mean)

drill out the head of the term captain insert chaos head no3 here green stuff it to fit

attach the body to the legs and green stuff a sash here add purity seals

volia one termi inquisitor or grey night lord :w

ps heres something you can do with the leftovers

remove the imp eagle on the term captains leg straighten it out it will look almost shield like you can use this for another conversion as a shield

or use the bits to make another model completely