So after traversing the 40k universe paint schemes for about 7 or 8 different armies, ive fallen back to heresy....i have made my way back to the black legion. i havent tried to get down on any chaos black legion models for a while. so my question would be, what should i do to make my army "pop!" how do i make the black look interesting?

im pretty happy with my metals, i will be using silvers and gold, possibly some dulled down bronze... there will be identifying colors including red for hqs and squad leaders yellow for special weapons users and possibly another one for something else(not sure what for or what color).

i just started blending on models and it is the funnest waste of time ever!

i use washes alot, ink a bit, and layering.

im totaly a novice painter and i usualy dont take enough time per model.

thanks a ton for the help!