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    Now, I came up with this idea mainly because I don't like the Chaos Dread. Sure it looks Chaotic, but, IMO, it's not a nice model, if you catch my drift.

    So, looking at the SM Dread, I came across the idea of a Defiled Dreadnought..... here's the plan (please note, I have not seen the SM plastic dread kit, so I do not know if this will work):

    You will need:

    1 Plastic Dreadnought Kit
    1 Chaos Tank Accessory sprue
    Some reasonable chain

    1) Assemble Dread legs, remove any Imperial iconography. Add some chain around the 'ankles'.
    2) Assemble the right arm (front facing towards you) as a Dread CC weapon. Again, remove iconography. Add some chain around wrists. Assemble the twin linked lascannon arm or the twin linked heavy bolter arm as normal, removing any iconography.
    3)Assemble the sarcophigi, but do not attach the arms or the legs. Remove iconography off the sarcophogi.
    4) Get the missile launcher sprue from the Dread kit. Now, if it comes the way I think it does, grab the missile launcher launch holes from the sprue. This will be added to the sarcohpigi as a Havoc Missile Launcher.
    5) Now, find the armour plates from the Chaos tank accessory sprue. Add one you like to the left hand side, front piece of the sarcophigi. Get the screaming face one and replace the viewport from the normal dread with it.
    6) Greenstuff the holes, and if around the launch holes on the sarcophigi so it looks like it's been added to the dreadnought.
    7) Add the dragon heads to the tops of the engine

    One dreadnought. However, I have my doubts on the launch holes being a seperate peice (can&#39;t tell on the GW site <:> ). If that is the case, drill some reasonable sized holes and either model some missiles from greenstuff or use the Space Marine missile launcher (actually foot troop one) missiles.


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    lol tat&#39;s exactly wut i did to my dread minus the chains around the ankles and it looks sssswwwwwwweeeeeeettttt&#33;

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