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Thread: Imperial Fists

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    Imperial Fists

    hey all.

    i have been playing 40k for about 9 years now and have always liked the Imperial Fists chapter. however, i have never got round to painting any due to the colour yellow.

    im not sure how i should go around painting them.

    also, do the Imperial Fists use the same company colours as the ultramarines do?
    i really want my Imperial Fists to have black shoulder rims, not the 3rd company red ones.

    anyway, all i need to know is how should i paint them!

    any advice would be awesome. thanks all, dave.

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    dude i have just started to paint some imperial fists.
    The way i paint the armour is undercoat with white and then a few layers of yellow ink. after that i paint the bolter (and any other wepons) and the trims black(i also have the black shoulder trims)and my vet. sargents have black helmits soooo.......
    hope this helps.
    Dnt judge my judgments plz
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    i have painted imperial fists and iyanden both in prettymuch the same way hear goes.

    purchase yourself an empty mixing pot,mix 4 parts yellow ink to 1 part chestnut ink,add a bit of varnish to break up the surface tention.(purchase a syringe this helps to get parts equal,they are cheap from a chemist) If done right this should give you a nice deep yellow ink.

    Assemble model but i find it easier not to glue on the boltgun,undercoat in white spray.

    once dry wash the entire model in the yellow base glaze dont just slap it on as it will leave some areas really dark compared to others a nice even wash is best.This is the shading

    now to the painting

    start with the darkest yellow (golden) add water to get a nice milky consistency carefully apply to model but leave the recesses in the base glaze.This may take a couple of coats but dont rush wait for the first to completely dry.

    next i blend a sunburst yellow layer.Now most people find blending really hard but yellows blend really easy.You basically paint a watered down layer on to armour plates but i leave the center of each plate in golden yellowdont over-do this though.

    I then highlight the very edges with badmoon again keep this watered down slightly so it blends easy.

    The shoulder pad trim and guncase and chainsword if you are doing assault marines i paint in scab red then paint over in blood red then highlight with orange.
    then its up to you what colour you do purity seals pipes and other bits

    dont let anybody tell you theirs a quick way to painy yellow because theirs not (well not if you want it to look good)

    hope this helps

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