Im gonna start an Eldar army today, and I´ve been thinking about my large amounts of Vypers and other skimmers. When they are shot down, which will undoublty happen alot, I don´t just wanna get them off the table.. I wanna make em look cool even when they´re useless! So, I would want to make wrecks for them, however, I dont feel like buying each vehicle twice, then destroying one of them to make it look like a wreck, paint it, then stick it on a base like it crashed there. So I thought I might take the model off it´s plastic thingy which makes it look like it´s flying (I hope you understand which part i mean) and put it on the table, however that wouldnt look cool enough, maybe I could put some cotton wool on it? I have seen a picture one where someone made something out of a wool-like material which he had painted and sculpted into a form. The lower part was red and orange in the form of flames, the rest of the stuff was shaped like a big cloud of smoke which was then painted grey-black. It looked really cool and realistic. Just put it on top of the cokpit or a gun turret and it is perfect for depicting a crashed\destroyed vehicle.

Now my question is how do I make this? Normal wool is to soft to remain standing up like a big cloud of smoke going up in the air. What else could I use for it? And if I have the material how do I make it then?

Not that I'm not that creative myself, but I thought maybe there are already some great guides out there saying how to do this.

edit: pff it censored "c o c k p i t"