hey all
Ok i read over some paint stripping ideas on minitures, by searching on the good old google. Most of them either used brake fluid or some green stuff thing (dont think we have it here in AUS). I got an old glass jar added my 4 hormagaunts and 3 genestealers to some brake fulid. Left them in there over night and got them out the next morning. I pulled them out and they looked fine then i got a bucket of water and rinsed them before i started to scrub them with an old toothbrush. Once i started to scrub a head fell off (luckily without ripping its soket holder also). OK that was fine, then a arm broke off ( cant fix it). now this happend to several of my models including ones tail fell off making it a guniea pig cross tyranid :cry: . Now i thought id write this to see if anyone can help me, and if you are from Aus tell me what stuff you use. Oh i also forgot the black ones seemed to strip alright, but the white wont seem to budge:wacko: . i have no clue of what to do now. Please Help