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    WFB VC, painting/converting Q's

    I have been playing warhammer off and on for about 4 years now but never converted and had a (now ex)-girlfriend help me with my original army so I'm relearning how to paint them even, I feel like a complete noob again :w00t:

    Maybe I'm just missing the vision, I don't copy from others I've seen (plus I don't have that much skill), but do any of you have any visions of how to make DE warriors into GG?

    Also I learned how to dry brush (used inks before). Seems I waist a lot of paint on the paper and only get a few brush strokes, any tips for this?

    My painting right now is basecoat (black), dry brush large area's, touch up, regular painting large area's, detail fine area's. Any tips in here?


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    I haven't done much other than a couple of zombie dragons for vampire counts but my thoughts are to stick with the warhammer/mordheim line of figures when looking to convert. You can delve into the 40k line but in my mind for a beginner you are looking at all kinds of issues - the biggest - making the 40k armor/look into something that is more fantasy.

    I guess the first thing to do is sit down and flip through the catalogue or browse their website and look for ideas on what you want your figures to look like. Look at sites like coolminiornot to see if others have come close to your vision and once you find stuff you like figure out how to make the parts work together. Having a goal makes conversions a lot easier.

    As for painting - if you are looking for tips to possibly improve your painting here are a few of mine:

    1. Thin your paints. You want your paint to not look chunky on the figure but rather like a heavy cream. Trial and error will help you find the right thickness. You want it just thick enough where the paint doesn't run off the brush. Instead of just water - I use a mixture of 40% water, 40% Future floor wax, 20% liquitex extender - though water will work.

    2. Try layering. Think of the model in terms of a topographical map. Darker colors on the bottom, lighter colors going up. Keep your paints thin and use lots of layers lightening the paint as you go and you will produce a smooth transition from dark to light.

    3. It never hurts to experiment. Don't be afraid to try new things. You might find a color combination that you like, a new technique that makes things quicker, or some other cool thing that works well.

    4. I would also recommend putting together your basing as you build the figure and before you prime it. It is ok to leave static grass off if you want to add it later but for everything else you will get the base to fit with the figure. Usually when you add sand or other basing after you painted the figure - it tends to look like you added it afterwards rather than being an integral part of the figure.

    You can either paint the figure and the base separate and then pin the figure to the base this is ideal. Otherwise nothing wrong with assembling the whole thing and painting it as a whole.

    This should provide you something to start with. I am sure others will add to the list of things to look for!

    Happy Painting!



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