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    High lighting SP armour

    I've just started imperial fists and i was wonering the best way to get good hight lights on the armour that look good. When ever i have tried i have had a few problems:
    1. Can't find the right coulor to high light with
    2. when i paint then i sometimes mess up and don't get smoth thin lines of paint.

    So the way im painting my IF is:
    1. white base coat
    2. Brown ink
    3. first layer of vomit brown (leaving the brown ink in the reseses for shading)
    4. Building up the yellow next through 1:1 mix of vomit brown and Golden Yellow
    5. next a layer of 1:1 mix of Golden Yellow and Sunburst Yellow
    6. finishing of with sunburst yellow.

    I was thinking would bad moon high lights look good or do you think a 1:1 mix of bad moon Yellow and Sunburst Yellow, what do you think? Please tell me how you get good. smooth, even highlights. Also if you paint IF please let me know what colour you use.

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    I think your problems lie in steps 4 and 5.
    If you are not getting a smooth transition it is probably because you are jumping to lighter colours too quickly without transitioning through the shades properly.
    Add two or more steps between 4 and 6, you are aiming to get a subtle gradation of colour from dark to light, the reason yours is not smooth is probably because the preceding tints are lightening too quickly - so no smooth transition.

    In short: add more intermediate shades between darkest and lightest.....then practice.... a lot
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    OK the there are a number of tricks here, mainly about the colours you use (how highlighted you want to go) and the amount of time and effort involved.

    See my Deathwing bleow, this has very little colour change but has between 20 and 30 coats on it:

    Wheras my sons of medusa below have pretty much as much colour change with far fewer (5-10) coats:

    So the trick in the first place is patience, the more coats the better it looks.

    The next is understanding Where to highlight - best done using the halo of light effect (stand the mini under a bulb and look where the light catches it)

    And the final one is understanding the colours if you do brown as a base coat for the yellow fine, but I think you got too much brown in there, I would work mostly in yellow and highlight it with mixing with white
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