Okay - I'm modeling a desert raiders army using SM rules w/ scout squads, a few dreads an assault squad sans jump packs and attack bikes led by a master of sanctity.

I'll have to write up some fluff as to why these guys are on their own fighting in the desert as elite commando troops of the emperor.

I'm looking at this as an elite Imp gaurds commando company. I will use the SM rules to fit the fluff as IG doctrines do not cut it.

I defiantely want to use IG Cadians for the models w/ lots of green stuff
and a cameo desert look of special forces.

Suggestions on what mo0del to use as my chappie/commander are welcome. I'm not sure the chappie model suits the theme.

The dreadnaught will defianately be a sentinel with the correct weapons stuck on and the missile launchers will be mounted on top to enhance the look of it.

The bikes will be modeled as desert buggies so I will need Ork Warbuggies converted.

The troops themselves will probably require the most converting to get
weapons looking correct.

The asslt sqd will be have to be thought out. Any suggestions on what models to use here?