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Thread: Paint Pot Tips

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    Paint Pot Tips

    I just thought I would throw this out there, but I have some tips/tricks I employ with my paint pots (98% GW paints) and I have had some of these paints for 15 years!

    First, to get a good stir when you shake the pot, purchase some marbles from the local dollar store, or if you are really lucky, some steel ball bearings, and plop one or two into your paint pot (depending on the size of the marble/ball bearing). When you shake the pot next time, it marble will bounce around inside there twice as hard, mixing your paint way smoother then you could. As a plus, when the paint becomes thicker with age/lack of use, Emperor forbid, the marble/ball bearing will help to break it up inside and stir the paint. Personally, I use metal ball bearings (I have ample access) as their weight gives a good shake and smash inside the paint jar.

    Second, when the paint does dry out, or become too thick, I add some gel blending medium and a few drops of water, shake the pot (with marble/ball bearing inside) and sample the paint. Repeat until desired consitancy is reached. This has saved several paint colors of mine from extinction, plus, it won't dry out so fast anymore and, with practice, achieve a good consistancy in all my paint viscosities.

    When the paint does die, just take your marble/ball bearing out and plop into the next pot of the same color.

    Hope you find these tips useful!



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    Hot water will reduce the need for a good stirring.
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