Verklitch’s Verminators - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Verklitch’s Verminators

    Verklitch’s Verminators

    Skaven Cavalry? It’s possible. Here is an interesting hybrid work of two model designers. Rackham giant rats with a generous helping of Games Workshop Skaven makes for a tournament-worthy unit. This unit is fielded using the rules for Voland’s Venators, a dogs of war unit that can be fielded as a Rare choice.

    These were painted by Andy, our most productive painter. He's painted eighty projects including twenty armies in the last year. He keeps notes of his techniques and what works, passing it along to new painters if asked. This is one of his early attempts at a hybrid technique combining paint-based glazes over traditional painting. It makes for a dark effect. In some areas this is re-highlighted to restore a lighter color.

    The bases are GW Modeling Sand painted black and drybrushed with Vallejo Chocolate Brown, and then patches of static grass added.

    The banner is from Mengel’s Manflayers, a Dark Elf unit, and the musician’s gong from the Plague Monk plastic sprue. The Rat Riders keep Rackham’s goblin bodies, but the heads are removed.


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