Confrontation Evil Dwarves

Here are a few units of Evil Dwarves. Larger units are used for the large scale version of Rackham’s Confrontation, called Rag Narok. And by large scale I mean larger units of figures.

The trick with Evil Dwarves is to determine how much color to add. They are evil after all, but Rackham tends to add a brighter palette to their figures. So, with evil dwarves you can go gory, dark and evil, or make them a bit brighter. Here a translucent glaze give the skin a living feel where other areas are heavy with metallic color darkened with black-paint-based glazes. Rust and caked blood give that gruesome feel.

Here are some others done earlier this year:

See all new work here:

These were painted by Jay Hersey of Blue Table. These are not done to Jay’s best ability (which is amazing), that would have taken 3-6 hours per figure. These are Confrontation basic standard.