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    IST (Traitor Kasrkin) paint scheme

    Hello all (that have too much time on their hands and free ideas to share) :w00t:

    I am waiting for several IST Kasrkin models to arrive that will boost my WH force. I will have two small squads of 5 each (2 meltas and 2 plasmas) without Veteran, so all the models will look plain and simple... I always start with a black primer (easiest for me) and tend to keep the models quite dark.

    My Sisters are from the Order of Martyred Lady, with the exception that the inside of their capes is painted white.
    So armor is black (with blue ink – nice, silky touch) with blue highlights. Coats are red, with white inside. Details are gold, as are the bolters.
    Celestians sport blue capes but the rest is the same. Gloves are brown where modeled. Tanks are black with scab red as a secondary color. Bolt pistols also use that color.

    Sorry about poor quality pictures

    It looks kind of like this:

    Now, with the ISTs I want to probably keep the same color scheme.
    I was thinking of keeping the cloth black and work the highlights with various grays.
    Now, for the armor plates I was going to use scab red and highlight with lighter reds.

    Kind of like on the launcher of my Exorcist:

    BUT, I also like the GW’s dark, dirty red accents on these guys, and for sure I do not want them to look like IG or army guys.
    Want to keep them dark-themed, and scary looking.

    Guys with the Russ on the right side, top corner:

    The Sarge on the left side:

    I think that WH codex has better pictures of these guys…

    Or maybe do black armor and colored cloth like this fine painter did (love these):

    What would you find as an appropriate addition to black fatigues on the Kasrkin models being used as ISTs?
    Do you have any pictures of your work?
    Do you have any pictures of models that someone else did that you like?
    Maybe there is a paint scheme that you like but were affraid to try?

    I am just looking for inspiration :ninja:


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    Personally I would say model them closer to your exorcist (as far as the red goes) this way it will blend in better with your army as a whole. Wether you go with black cloth or colored it should be ok.



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