when i started up warhammer which was not too long ago i also made my own legion, The Sons of Oblivion. I follow the world eaters rules and my paint scheme is i think pretty cool. I even wrote a short backround for them but thats too long for here. There base color is gold, and its picked out in blood red. The gold is in mockery of the throne of the false emporer and the blood is of course for khorne. I drybrushed them in silver to make them look a little battle worn and not so clean and shiny. There weapons were just drybrushed silver and im looking to do more with those so any ideas? Im also looking to buy a kharn. Any ideas as how to paint him? He is going to be a character with a different name and backround then kharn that i will create. I will just using the kharn model and statistics, but for torunament reasons i will name him as kharn. So any ideas on how to paint him and my berzerker's weapons?