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    Struggling with weapons/wargear for an inquisitor lord...

    Hey guys. This post weaves it's way a bit between conversion and wargear discussion, so please bear with it.

    I just managed to obtain one of the limited edition Inquisitors - he's 'Gideon Lorr', according to the internet, but basically he's a slightly different version of one of the current witchhunter models. Here's a picture of him, so you know what I'm working from:

    Please note that the image above is simply to show those unfamiliar with the model what a painted version of it looks like. This is not my model - this was one found on CoolMiniOrNot, and painted by an artist named Perfectus Art Studio on CMON.

    Now, I went ahead and bought one of these models for a few reasons. Number one is that I really like the model - it has some subtle differences from the current witchhunter one on details such as the hat, chest armor, and weaponry. I also really liked the plasma pistol he was carrying - that whole 'gunslinger' kind of thing appealed to me.

    I don't, however, like the other hand he has. The 'pointing' looks a little silly to me, as his finger is grotesquely longer than it should be, and it's a perfectly good waste of a weapon-holding hand.

    With that said, I'm still getting on my feet with a daemonhunter army, and I plan on using this fellow as an Inquisitor Lord in said army. I want to replace that 'pointing' hand with another, more useful weapon, but I'm perplexed as to what my best options are in terms of WYSIWYG rules.

    A friend of mine who plays Grey Knights said that a psycannon would be a good idea for the offhand. I do, however, have a left-handed plasma pistol that I aquired from a space marine rune priest.. the temptation is there to add it for the sake of having a dual-weilding badass, but I'm unsure as to if that's even a good idea in terms of actual loadout, and I want my daemonhunters & inquisition to be a fairly competetive army. Here's a picture of the plasma pistol I've got:

    So, I could put that on the offhand and call it a day, and let him run around with a pair of plasma pistols. It's marginally appealling, I'll admit it. However, I'm not so sure that for a weapons loadout that's such a good idea.

    I do really want to maintain the 'gunslinger' sort of appearance of the model, but the temptation for versatility also has me considering to use Cortez's hammer.

    This would let me play the model with either a daemonhammer, thunder hammer, power weapon, or just vanilla CC weapon.. but my retinue and overall idea for this squad is a bit more shooting-oriented, as they're really fairly weak in close combat and I'd rather be assaulting with Grey Knights. So while that adds a bit of weapon versatility in terms of WYSIWYG, I'm not so sure that's even an effective option... Plus, thunder/daemonhammers are expensive!

    I've also been considering the psycannon idea my friend recommended. While it is also very expensive, I've been told that it's a really good weapon option for the inquisitor, and since he's going to be accompanied by some Seers in his retinue it he can make use of improved BS, so shooting-oriented is definitely a plus. However, the problem is that if I add a psycannon, I'd want it to be something more of a handheld pistol type weapon again just to mesh with the gunslinger approach I have on him - this'd seem to work fine with the DH codex, as it simply describes the psycannons as a form of bolter with blessed ammo. However, the problem them becomes representing the weapon in a sort of consolidated pistol form, which I'm having trouble with.

    A while back, I got a weapons sprue from hasslefree miniatures of some odd guns that I was thinking might be usable:

    I was leaning more towards the one on the far right end, as the psycannon's supposedly a two-handed weapon (which makes consolidating it into a pistol fairly difficult, but I still would like to do it) but even that's a little unweildly and I'm not sure if it'd be such a good idea.

    In scale comparison with the earlier plasma pistol:

    Sorry for the fuzzy photos, I had to snap them fast as my camera's battery is on it's way out.

    In any event, it's doable, I think, to add a psycannon in with one of the weapons from that sprue.. but I'm not sure if that's a good wargear weapon option, as I'm fairly new to the whole inquisition. I've also considered arming him with the other plasma pistol and trying to model a psycannon slung over his back, but I'm not so sold on that idea as I don't want to cover up all of the nice details on this model's back with a weapon simply for WYSIWYG purposes unless it's absolutely necessary. With all that said, I'd love for some advice, feedback, or ideas on this topic.

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    the far right one looks to big for a pistol or one handed weapon:sleep: the two on the far left look like psycannons nd could be weilded one handed:yes:

    choclate is only relevant in matter not thoery:some old wiped out bum


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