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    Highlighting the proper way

    How can I go about highlighting colors the right way?

    The colors I am specifically looking at are: Chaos Black, Dark Angels Green, Bleached Bone, and any reds.

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    Well, there isn't really a 'right' way to highlight, there are many different techniques, and variants on techniques, and all of them have thier uses and people who swear by them.

    First up, in terms of simplicity (IMO), would be inking. Not strictly highlighting, but if you use a base colour slightly lighter than the overall effect you want to achive, then apply a darker ink wash, you will end up with some basic colour change, that will have the same effect as highlighting.

    Next, we have drybrushing. There are plenty of articles about how to do it out there, a quick search should sort you out. The best way to achieve a decent result is to start with a heavy, prolonged drybrushing of a colour slightly lighter than your base colour. Then take less time with the next lighter colour, unitl you are just barely touching it with a very light shade.

    Layering is probably what you mean by 'proper' highlighting. Basically, you paint layers of paint, getting progressively lighter and lighter, onto the raised edges (or whatever part you wish to highlight) of the object, leavy a little of each previous layer showing, so that you get a gradual, gradiated effect. Watering of paints is essential. Time consuming, but possibly the most effective.

    Wet blending (which I have not personally attempted) is basically a speeded-up version of layering, in which you mix up a dark and a light version of your colour, apply one to the entire area, then while it is still (very) wet, apply the other to the appropriate area. Because both paints are wet, you can mix them together with a brush, creating (hopefully) a smooth, quick effect.

    That is a basic run-down of each main technique (I don't think I've forgotten anything).
    Now, for your colours.
    Black: Basically you have two options. You can highlight with a blueish tinge, or with plain grey. A common method of painting black is to use 'extreme' highlights, essentially layerring, but only applying paint to the very extreme, sharp edges of the model. This is quick, but can look sloppy and unfinished, in my opinion.
    Dark Angels Green: Probably easiest to just add some white to the dark angels green to get the right colours, but maybe try working up through the green range to catachan green, if you have them.
    Bleached Bone: Just add white to this, probably you'll only need one or two layers of highlighting. Better to add some depth with shading, I reccomend using dark flesh as a base colour and working up through elf flesh to bleached bone, then a skull white highlight.
    Red: Reds are known to be tricky to highlight, especially with the GW paints being so generally weak. If you are using blood red as your base, the main two options are an orangey/yellowy highlight, or risk getting a pinkish result by adding white to the red. I prefer to use a darker base colour, and work up to blood red as a medium highlight, then add some bleached bone as a final highlight.

    Hopefully that was of some use to you, and I hope I answered the questions you wanted.

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