Snow and Rubble

Maybe this will give you some ideas.

About a year ago, I created a standardized set of bases. I created fourteen basic styles that could be created from a finite list of elements. Subsequently, I did samples of all the types and they are on display in the Art Director’s office.
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Here is a basic list of materials you would need:

*also known as texture or mixed gravel
**an equal parts mix of Woodland Scenics Coarse Turf (Fall Red, Fall Yellow, Fall Rust, and Fall Orange)

For snow, a good basic mixture is plain old white paint and snow flock. This mix is easy to work with and gives a freshly-fallen snow look that can be piled in drifts or spread out like a half-melted-and-refrozen crustification.

Hope this is of some use to someone.

Shawn Gately,
Blue Table Painting