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    Warhammer High Elf Terrain pieces (pics)

    Terrain for Warhammer

    High Elf Colony in Tilea

    This project called for a High Elf centerpiece, like a tower, that was part of a High Elven colony in Tilea (the Warhammer equivalent of Italy). I worked with Blue Table Painting Art Director Heather Shi.

    See In Progress pics, a step by step, the finished display and my shiny bald head here:

    Read the comments to get some useful tips!

    See all new work here:

    The second issue was that this piece had to make a trip to Spain and be under the oversize package limit. We found a box about 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 feet. So, the three foundation pieces measure 15? x 23?.

    The problem arising from the three foundation parts is that there are two lines. I decided to break up these lines with the backdrop pieces in back and a water feature in front.

    One night I was watching Oban Star Racers with my kids and I started seeing some interesting architecture in the background, so I recorded the show and made some sketches. The windows, color, and the edge of the pool are drawn from that.

    I decided that to convey the fact that this was an Elven colony that we would include human architecture and elven architecture. Human buildings are squat and square. The Elven stuff, though basically quadrilateral, has curved shapes and jewels. After much debate we decided that the Elves used the same local raw materials for their structures, and so the buildings are the same texture and color.

    As for architecture, I just drew on memory and stereotypes of Mediterranean coastal buildings. No research at all. In the end we thought it maybe looked a little like a Mexican pueblo, but we brought in some neutral observers and at least one mentioned Italy, so we couldn’t be too far off! Anyway, it’s fantasy.

    To see the finished product, and see a step by step:

    Hope you enjoy!


    Blue Table Painting
    --Miniatures painting service. High quality, good prices, and quick turnaround.

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    Very nice guys, thats a nice table piece.

    Joe Peshi (lone wolf) kill tally:Lash Sorcerer, Ghazkull, Yriel, Termi Libby, Vulkan.

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