Dark Age- Skaard vs. Forsaken

Dark Age is a miniatures line inspired by the art of Brom.


As with most miniatures games where are comes first, Dark Age is very difficult to assemble. The joins are thin and no mercy is shown to the poor soul that has to pin it all. With this set the artist worked double time to get some really dynamic bases and positioning to add narrative.


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The bases are made with a lot of pieces from the new GW Cities of Death terrain, but we carefully avoided any imperial insignia showing up.

The challenge with this project was to get flat colors to have differentiation of layers, but still be flat, dark and smooth. While it may not look it, there are numerous layers to achieve the colors, each on working on thelast. Typically: thin paint base, glaze, high-light, re-glaze, re-highlight.

This is representative of what Blue Table considers Level 5 and 6 (level 7 would be display quality).

Hope you enjoy!