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    Im not sure if this is the best place to post this - but im putting it here anyway

    I bought the boxed set of Cadian Heavy Weapons - and made three Heavy Bolters. Now ive got all this extra stuff for Autocannons, Missle Launchers and Lascannons - but of course they only give you enough to make sixguys.

    Is there anyway to convert guys to make use of all this extra stuff so i dont have to buy like 2 more whole boxes? Or can i buy just like, the guys w/o the weapons online or something?

    I just dont want that stuff to go to waste...


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    Holy crap, wats with me and answering ppls first posts. Anyway, i made fifteen weapons outta that box...well 12, i needed three bases for my sniper teams...anyway, u need as follows:
    heavy weap box
    extra large round base pack (the ones carnifexs' are on, they differ in size a little bit to the heavy weaps, but its ok...youll hav three left if you already put the bolters on the normal one.)
    cadian box set

    all you do then, is worl out the combinations of the teams on a piece of paper, evenly distributing the tripods and stands, the prob is to fit the autocannons and lascannons on youll have to use more tripods, so you might have to dissassemble your heavy bolters. anyway, heres how i configured mine:...(by the way, i didnt use the lascannons, they went on my sentinels)
    Missile 1- gunner standing, loader sitting
    Missile 2-gunner siutting, loader standing
    Missile 3-gunner and loader standing (i didnt use the bipod on these, i used them on the mortars, they look quite good just on the shoulder of a guardsmen)

    H.B 1-Gunner sitting, loader standing (mounted on sandbags which come in box)
    H.B 2- Gunner sitting, loader standing (mounted on search light stand from vehicle accessory sprue)
    H.B 3-Both lying down, gun unmanned (i converted this one, and im quite proud of it)

    Auto cannon 1- Gunner Sitting, loader standing
    Auto cannon 2- Gunner sitting, Loader standing
    Auto cannon 3- Both standing, unnmanned...(these dont need the blast shields that u put on the heavy bolters, but i put tripods on all of these, you could probaly convert them to have them carrying them or lifting them or something)

    Mortar 1- \
    Mortar 2- I---All standing (with bipods)
    Mortar 3- /

    Lascannon 1- \
    Lascannon 2- I---Just use the leftovers for these, try to improvise and make Lascannon 3- / them looking haphazard and rough, maybe make some tripods from plasticardaluminium tubing...

    anyway, i hope that helps, sure beats buying all thouse expensive weaaponm boxes, im stiull waiting (though it is NEVER coming ) for a cadian special weapons team box, it would be friggin awesome...demo charges and sniper rifles....hmmmm). Hope this helps, it took a shite load of time to write...i need a twix....oh yeh, welcome to librarium online...wat country are you from?

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