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    What do you use for a Tyranid Kraken model?

    Does anybody model Kraken for their Tyranid Fleet and what do you use to represent them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thlaylie
    Does anybody model Kraken for their Tyranid Fleet and what do you use to represent them?
    I assume when you say Kraken you mean the big mother hive ship thing. I personally don't have one but searching through the GW internet shop for tentacles would be the first place I would look. To make a bio-ship of any kind you could try using Tyranid gun barrels as thrusters. The barbed strangler the big or small one is good for this. Large Tyranid bodies would be handy such as the plastic Carnifex. Fleshborers could be stuck on it as weapons.

    To do the tentacles you could mail order several of the Hive tyrant's lashwhip arm and use the whip. The ammo feed for the venom cannon and barbed strangler could be cut off and stuck to it. The acid maw head suitably remodelled could lend some tentaclish fun to the thing. The flesh hooks from the Tyranid warriors could be attached in clumps as shoal-like grabby things, like the tentacles of sea anemones. Spore mines could have the tops cut off and added to it. Perhaps on the bottom of it like they wil extend when it reaches the atmosphere of a planet and start sucking it up.

    The Genestealer sprue includes Tyranid plant things. You could cut the mouths of them and stick them to the bio-ship. You could have them surrounded by the Tyranid warrior flesh hooks to give the impression of tentacles that grab things and drag them in for eating. You could also put those mouths on the ends of the ammo feeds I mentioned earlier. They would then look like more nasty hungry mouths. One thing about removing those mouths from the plant part, it is tricky. What you need to do is remove the plant and not the mouth. If you try to cut off the mouth it will likely be ruined. Use clippers to cut away the plant part bit by bit until all that is left is the mouth-part.

    Hope this helps.

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