Sorry if this seems wrong in this forum, but it seems best placed here, as it pertains to Miniatures and miniature related work.
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Help Wanted

Blue Table Now Hiring Local Talent

Blue Table Painting
Now Hiring Local Talent- Spanish Fork, Utah

Packer: 4-8 hours a week, $150-250/month

Cleaner: 1 hour a week

Client Relations: part time, $400-800/month (can work into full time)

Painter: part time, $600-800/month (can work into full time)
Assembler: very part time, $200-400/month

Any or all of these positions can be combined into one person.


For Artist positions you must:

>> Have held a full time job for at least a year at some point in time.
>> Have painted at least 300 figures including at least three whole armies.
>> Have reliable transportation.
>> Be intimately familiar with two or more miniatures battles games (Warhammer, 40K, Confrontation, War Machine, Flames of War, Historicals, etc.)
>> Have at least passing familiarity with most miniatures battles games.
>> Able and willing to do basic assembly.
>> Ability to do complex assembly, pinning, conversion work and basic sculpting a plus.
>> Be a non-smoker.

How to Apply
Send an email to Shawn at We will send you a written interview and application.