War Machine and Hordes

Trollbloods of Deepstone Kriel

These are the first few figures in a Trollblood army for Hordes.


See all new work here:

Colors used: Vallejo gunmetal grey, deep green, dark Prussian blue, and bone white. The rusting effect is brown glaze mixed with Vallejo cavalry brown which is stippled on then I wipe off the excess. Makes for a heavy rust effect.

The Dire Troll did not turn out how I wanted. The skin is not smooth on the back. The hands are perfect through—that’s seven layers of translucent glazes with some wet blending halfway through with some bone white to re-establish light and dark. My theory is that skin is translucent, and that might be able to be mimicked with paints. I think for some future trolls, I’ll see if I can get that pale jade effect like on some of the cards.

More to come! A converted Hoarluck is in the works (I’ve been using Ironhide as my general, but he’s pitifully short on the Fury!). Also, I’ve got some Trollblood Champions (ten to be precise) all put together, and I’ll be working with Thayne on those.