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    Harlequin conversion

    Hey everyone, I'm getting ready to start an Eldar army when the new codex comes out, and I've always been intererested in Harlequins, so I'm making a custom model to play. I'm wanting to model one after Harley Quinn from the Batman books. For those who don't have an idea what I'm talking about, here's a picture of her.


    Basically, I'm trying to figure out what bits to use. So far the only thing I've seen with a bodyglove like she has is the Callidus Assassin model, and I'd have to remove the hair, possibly all of the head. For the hat I figure I'll have to greenstuff it on. I plan on giving her a pistol with a flag coming out of it that says "BANG" and a large wooden mallet.

    So, can anyone think of any better bodys or heads to use for the model, and does anyone know if there's a bit that looks like a wooden mallet, or will I have to green stuff it?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Sounds like an interesting conversion idea. A bit crazy, but it should be fun.

    The Callidus assassin seems like a good choice for the body. You may need to file off a bit of detail here and there but otherwise it seems to fit the bill. Another choice could be Kruellagh the Vile, as she is wearing something a bit like a bodyglove and already has a suitable head (once you remove the hair). However, her body would require more converting to make it look right (such as removing the stuff from her hands and the long hair) so which you go for is up to you.

    You could use most of the GW female heads as a base. I would suggest using one from the Wood Elf Glade Guard box. There are a couple of female heads in there which will look good as Eldar heads. As they are plastic you can easily make small alterations to them making them perfect for conversion. I think you will have to use Green Stuff to make that hat she is wearing. It shouldn't be too hard - just sculpt it on so it is continuous with the bodyglove and then sculpt the dangling parts with the bells on (or whatever those round things are).

    There are several pieces in the GW range that could be used for a wooden mallet. Most of the hammer heads are metal-looking, so you will need to convert them slightly to make them look wooden. To do this I suggest you get rid of all the bolt/rivet style things with a knife and file them flat. Then, grab some medium/coarse sandpaper and run it along the mallet head. Be sure that every stroke is in the same direction, and go over each part several times. This will leave lots of small scores in the mallet head which should hopefully look like the "grain" of the wood. Experiment with this first to see which sandpaper grade is best and how often you need to go over each spot to achieve a good wood effect. Following are some interesting hammer parts you could use:

    - Big Grabber Hammer. An Ork weapon. I believe the head of this hammer is already meant to look wooden so conversion needs would be minimal. Looks suitably random as well
    - Empire Warrior Priest Two-Handed Hammer. A bigger hammer that would require some conversion to make it look wooden. Nice hammer though.
    - Inquisitor Coteaz Hammer. Perhaps not so useful for what you want, but a awesome part none the less.
    - Teutogen Guard 4 Hammer. All the Teutogen guard hammers could work with a bit of conversion.
    - These two models (One, Two) have interesting looking mallets that you could remove and use for your conversion.
    - The Chaos Undivided Sprue has an interesting (and easily convertable - its plastic!) hammer. Loads of other cool bits and pieces as well.
    - There are plenty of others on the GW site and from other model suppliers (reaper, rackham etc). If you don't like any of the above then have a look at the website.

    There are a few ideas for you mate, hopefully you will find some of them helpful. Good luck with the conversion, please post pics when you are finished:yes:

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