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    Elite look for eldar/DE weapons

    I wonder if anyone has any ideas how to make dark eldar splinter as well as eldar shuriken weapons look more elite. What I mean is like attaching flashlights and extra ammo clips as well as scopes to human weapons like boltguns and lasguns. Dark eldar have no options once so ever, I mean they dont use extra ammo clips or any targeting lasers or any flashlights. So how can I possible make their weapons look as if they belong to veterans who killed many and claimed many trophies and etc. Any ideas?

    Also, how can I make the troops look more veteranish. I mean I attached the blades to the squads that have a good chance to be in CC to give em more slicing look, I also used blue beeds to model plasma grenades, yet I dont know what else I can do to make warriors in each squad stand out more then those from the others?

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    For Dark Eldar weapons, adding that veteran look can be as easy as adding more blades to the guns. DE weapons already have blades attached to several parts (eg the end of the barrel and the pistol-grip), so adding to this could work pretty well. Maybe you could have some small blades sticking out of both sides of the barrel at intervals down the entire barrles length, Aternatively, you could have several blades stuck to the end of the barrel at different points around its circumference. Adding small sensor probe style things to the barrel would also help; they can easily be made out of green stuff.

    For normal Eldar, replace the blade idea with that of spirit stones (or similar gems). You could very easily sculpt a few gems onto the Eldar weapons, then make up some fluff reason for them being there. You could put these gems in any pattern you thought looked good. Sensor probes would also look good on Eldar weapons. Just remember that they will not look crude like the Imperial versions, but very sleek and advanced (look at the sensor blisters on the falcon grav tank for some guidance).

    As for making the troops themselves look veteran... Well, sleek looking sensors on the armour (maybe in the form of a bionic eye) will always help. Slightly customised armour lends an image of experience, as does extra equipment on the belt etc. What you put on the models in order to represent these will vary quite heavily between the armies. Dark Eldar would have big spikey armour add-ons and lots of knives, whilst the Eldar are more likely to be carrying things like useful equipment, scanners, medic supplies etc. Really the best thing to do is experiment a bit on some plastic models and see what you come up with.

    Good luck with the conversions mate. Hope this helped a bit.


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