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    Pact De Luminous

    Alright, a little about me; I've been into WH40k for about a year now and I'm stupid slow at modeling ;_;

    I really enjoy 40k, especially the modeling side of the hobby, I just don't seem to progress fast in my work. But, alas, I have progressed.

    My first army I've been working on is Pact De Luminous. I'll type the fluff later on in this post to avoid TLDR. The dumb down version of the fluff is it's an army raised by a radical inquisitor to combat the forces of a Legion of Nurgle known as Cancer. The army is radical because the Inquisitor has made unpopular (to the ordo's) decisions to continue the fight in his remote subsystem. Infected guard, use of abhumans, corrupt machines, and the unthinkable use of flesh bound Daemons have become common place in Pact de Luminous.

    Rules wise it's an IG army with DH allies.

    So, for the first round of pictures:

    This guy is the "commander" of Sentinel Squadron Hellions. A major detail about this is guy is the bell hanging from the cockpit. It’s supposed to be a blessed bell. The idea is as the sentinel walks the bell chimes a note that's a bane to daemons.

    The next neat detail, I think, is the "body parts" attached to the armor. I haven't done a great job, but now I think I have better ideas, but it's suppose to be a daemon attempting to pull itself out of the hull of the vehicle. The chains are to keep the daemon in and prevent it escaping.

    This is General Sky, also known as Psycho Soldier. He's the commander to the IG element of my army. He's based off of a character of my brother's.

    Here are some closer, detail shots, of this model:

    I put a lot of work into this guy. I really like how he turned out. Sky, I know, is not traditional for a commander but he sure does resemble who I modeled him after. If anything I learned a lot about green stuff work after finishing this model.

    Commissar Rain is brother to Sky. Fluff wise he's an officer who the Inquisitor put in charge to watch over the possessed Sky. If Rain finds him lacking in will to resist possession then he is to execute him. Rules wise Rain provides some much needed close combat power to my command unit.

    This is Inquisitor Lord "Grand" Duke. I'm very proud how he turned out. He's an inquisitor who's roots are deeply seated in the IG all of which is explained in the fluff. A fluff detail of him is he's suppose to be souless. So the power sword he weilds counts as a null rod, a power weapon which grants souless like special rules. His retinue will support him being shooty. His faimiliar houses his Psycannon.

    Check out the Original GD and see where he came from: Old Duke

    And now the wall of text that is the fluff for my army:
    The sub-sector of Hemorrage, on the western fringes of the known Empire, is besieged by war on all sides. To the South is Sigmentum Pacificus and the terrible Sabbat Crusade where the forces of chaos have a strangle hold over the galactic west of the Empirium. To the East are the Sigmentum Obsurious and the dreaded Eye of Terror, the swirling vortex of chaos that is the immatrium. To the North and West are the fringes of the edge of the galaxy and the great unknown. From there Hemorrage has had to fight off Necron, Elder, and Tryanid alike.

    Tasked with the war for its own existence since its discovery the sub-sector of Hemorrage has persevered thanks to the Inquisition and the Emperor’s Aegis, the local Adeptes Astartes Chapter. Hermorrage has therefore become a staging point for the entire sector brimming with many war worlds akin to Cadia and many Shrine Worlds where the Ecclesiarch bring the faith of the God Emperor.

    However the worlds of Hermorrage must not be found wanting for the enemies of man are ever relentless. A terrible plague has spread it self over half of the sub-sector announcing the arrival of the terrible Nurgle legion of Cancer. The Inquisition allied with the Emperor’s Aegis was quick to meet this challenge.

    Things became worse far sooner than they got better. The Chapter Master of the Emperor’s Aegis, Delgrosso Luminous, became infected by the horrible taint and turned ruinous dragging over three fourths of his chapter with him. The Inquisitor Lord of the sub-sector, Inquisitor Isaacs of Ordo Malleus, raised an army to combat the fallen chapter. Isaacs created a standing Imperial Guard army out of the systems PDF forces almost over night and raged a bloody 30 year war with the Emperor’s Aegis for the sub-system.

    The bloody conclusion of the war ended in the great halls of the Chapter’s founding Fortress on their home world. However it was not Isaacs but a inducted Sergeant by the name of Edmund Duke that felled the diseased infested Chapter Master.

    The plague that the Cancer Legion spread was not one of body but one of soul. Isaacs, and Edmund too, that day discovered that the young sergeant was soulless. Discovering an invaluable tool Isaacs took Edmund for his personal retinue.

    Over a period of 50 years Isaacs successfully battled the infestation. However war is always accompanied by loss. Edmund had scaled from the ranks of psychic shield to warrior, to acolyte, to inquisitor. In battle with the Greater Unclean One, Pestilence, Isaacs was felled. Edmund took up the mantle of his former master and pressed forward the defense of Hemorrage which was by now breaking at its seams.

    Both sides have been drawn thin and refuse surrender. The forces of chaos have plagued the fracture hive fleets of the lost Leviathan broods and have brought them to the war front. Where the infected Tyranid swarm nothing but acrid husks of rock and dirt are left behind; planets of little use to the Empirium or the Empyerium. Such is the nature of Chaos.

    With the addition of the fractured hive fleets little hope is left for Hermorrage. Infected by chaos and with a psychic shadow spreading itself across the sub-sector there is now no hope of reinforcements coming to the rescue.

    This however has not stopped Inquisitor Edmund Duke from doing his duty. He continues the fight with whatever tools he has access too. Those who have survived the war this long have been formed into elite shock regiments to be deployed planet side and meet the forces of chaos head on. The use of abhumans is wide spread bolstering the numbers of the Imperial forces. Abhorred and ravenous xenos beasts are used as engines of war. Vehicles with infected machine spirits are still used blasting ever deeper into the dark ranks of chaos. Crazed general’s possessed by demonic spirits are kept in check and pressed into continued service.

    Rumor has it Inquisitor Duke has even made use of flesh bound daemons as last chance devices for securing victory in key areas of the sub-sector.

    Whatever the truth the Emperor's light still shines in Hermorrage, no matter how faint, and continues to remind the ruinous powers of chaos of his almighty presence.

    Any and all comments are welcomed.

    Last but not least I have a question that's been bugging me.

    Is that a hull mounted las cannon? And if so how am I suppose to get a hull mounted Heavy Bolter? I've looked over the Leman Russ sprue quite a bit and I don't think the heavy bolter is there. Is that weapon meant to be converted? Or does the weapon I have equipped now meant to represent both?

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    There is the same problem for the hellhound turret... I do not think that the heavy bolter is in the Russ kit, and the one there is ONLY a lascannon. What I have done is to cut in a heavy bolter from a heavy weapon team, and use that. I've done that with both my Hellhound and my Leeman Russ.
    The converting done is GREAT!!! I really love the commander. great stuff!

    Sorry I haven't read the fluff, as I am between classes (school) and simply haven't got the time.
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    Just a quick idea for the lascannon problem. It could be pretty simple and easy to convert a heavy bolter out of the lascannon...

    Just chop off the barrel a centimeter or so above the lascannon 'rings' at its base and drill a hole through each of the sides of the flat part of the barrel. After all, a Heavy bolter is just a flat, cylander barrel with 'muzzle flash' holes on either side. That could be a quick and easy solution to your Heavy Bolter problem.

    Or possibly consider keeping the lascannon...Emperor knows you need as much anti-tank in your list as possible. Just a thought though.

    Other than that, your modeling job is excellent, especially on both your Commander and your Inquisitor! Keep it up, I'd like to see some of those tainted Guardsmen!
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    This was a triumph...
    I'm making a note here:
    Its hard to overstate my satisfaction.
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