I have a few ideas for a couple of sisters conversions (they will accompany my canoness into battle, I can have about five characters). I have no skill, just plenty of time to work on what I need, so on and so forth.

Ok. First - I want a vet. superior carrying two swords (it will be treated as a Power Weapon + CC weapon in-game). I was planning on using 'variation 1' (the sword + bolter, sword held up in air, bolter on hip.) and cutting off the bolter. I just need to know what to use for the second sword... any particular shape that might work best (you might need to see the model. I'll do what I can?)? What should I cut it with - I heard a jeweller's saw is useful for sisters minis.

Secondly - I want a sister (dialogus) carrying a 2h sword (treated like the 2h axe in ca army list). She's going to be in a sort of samurai robe holding the blade out at about 45o to her torso, (I'm not sure what the word is for that stance). This will probably be a full conversion. I need ideas for robes, a good head (probably non-sisters, but similar looking), as well as a huge tome on her back + a rosarius symbol over the top of it (representing her status as a translator)

Thirdly, I want to get the vet. superior (she will become the sister famulous) with the mace + combi-grenade launcher and turn it into a proper flail of chastisement with ball and chain. thus - what is the best way to add a chain of some sort without bending what will most likely be a very delicate-looking weapon already? what do famulous sisters look like in fluff? Do I need a standard uniform of some sort?

Fourth, what is the best way to get a Sister Hospitaller? (I remember they have coronets/circlets of some sort, but I'm not sure).

Finally, I want a dreadnought. She won't be part of the retinue of course, but I saw a great model that might work at Iron Kingdoms - War Machines. Some of the Khador models look particularly smooth around the edges, so adding a few fleur-de-lys (sisters iconography) around the armor plates shouldn't be too hard.

Oh yes... I'm a newbie to this, so I need some pretty full on tips. Sorry. I'll try and draw what I want on MS-Paint (how come I can't add it to my original post?)

Thankyou very much for your help.
Peace out,