Warhammer Fantasy

Tomb Kings of the Hidden Oasis

Here’s a superbly mobile Tomb Kings army:

Blue Table Painting: Gallery List

For this project we had complete artistic license. After researching Egyptian art, which we mostly (but not completely) ignored, we decided to use Vallejo Hull Red and Vallejo Jade Green. Using red and green as principle colors is dangerous—you can get the Christmas effect. But a deep almost brown red and a pale bluish green work very nicely.

I had actually used this color scheme (Burgundy and Park Green) on another project about five years ago:

Blue Table Painting: Gallery List

So I knew it would work. That and I felt safe with something tried and true.

Though you can’t see it in the pics: there is a Tomb King with little magnets on his feet—he can go on a base or in a chariot. Also, we used some flat plastic masonry sheets like cobbled streets peeking through the sands. I purposely made the sand darker, like rough earth, so that the models would stand out on it. I’m actually not a fan of desert bases on Tomb Kings.

This project was different in that three Artists worked on it simultaneously, with a carefully prepared recipe and schedule. I liked doing it this way because we got to sit around and talk and listen to music (though we did have to endure about an hour of Josh Grobin).

Challenges during the project: the catapults were both broken just before the project started. Bill was kind enough to pin them. The Catapults were very monotone and needed the introduction of some color, as you can see; just enough to tie them in with the rest of the army. Skeletons are fragile and tend to break during normal handling. We pinned any broken areas.

Shawn G.