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    Painting Tyranid Plates

    I'm having a problem with painting my tyranids. They colour scheme i have chosen is Lich purple for the bodies and Blood Red for the armour plates. I have started by undercoating them Chaos black then i simply drybrushed a slightly lighter lich purple onto the bodies. The bodies look ok but they dont Quite go with the Red. What im trying to do is make the red match the purple a little more closely while still having the Red stand out from a distance.

    Now i started by simply painting a layer of blood red over the black and it simply came out blotchy and dull. This worked well for my hormagaunts who have a smaller carapace but for my bigger Warriors it looks very amature. I tried simply building up some layers of blood red on the warriors but then the red becomes much too bright and uniform.
    I must stress that i am an amature painter :wacko:

    Anyway im looking for some general tips about painting Tyranid Carapace
    as well as how to effectivly highlight/shadow it
    and some tips about painting with red would be nice too

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    if you can get a good smooth layer of red, i suggest red gore, you can then wash it with a black ink. Make the ink by loading your brush with black paint, dipping it in water then stroke on a palette, unitl you get a very thin colored black. You can then continoue by using the same brush and painting on the red parts.with your newly made ink. This should cut down brightness, making thenm feel darker. You could also do this with a brown. you could also start with red gore, and mix a little blood red with some yellow and white, and slowly drybrush it on the armor plates. You could also use a dark flesh as a base, with maybe a blood red drybrush on that.
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