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    Furies paint scheme

    Since I'm raised with the "if you don't know, ask somebody who does" principle, here I am

    I bought a blister of furies a couple of weeks ago, and decided to start on them today. Since I'm pretty new to WHFB and painting miniatures (apart from the furies, I've got 5 almost finished chaos warriors), and I don't know what paint scheme to go with. I have a general idea, but that's about all.

    I like a reddish theme. I currently have Scab Red, Blood Red and Blazing Orange to go with (if I'm to paint them this week, that's all I have. The closest GW shop is too far off to just go to). I also got a bottle of Red Ink.

    For the body, I'm kind of torn. I thought about Scab Red base and a Scab Red/Blazing Orange mix for highlights. Since I've never highlighted before, and I'm kinda nervous about trying, I don't want to go with too much highlighting (so no 6 color highlights, as seen somewhere ). What would you suggest I'd do with the colours I have, or what colours do you think I should get from the GW store?

    About the manes: I'd want them to have a rather darkish look, I thought about black base with a Codex Gray drybrush. Go for it, or try something lighter, buy Shadow Wolves Grey/Fortress Grey or anything?

    Also, when I'm gonna highlight, I heard it's best to "wash" it with the base colour afterwards, to make the highlight smoother. Would you suggest I'd water down the base colour and wash it afterwards, or use the red ink maybe?

    Last, I have simply no idea how to paint the wings. I want something that stands out a bit, but makes it part of the whole model at the same time. Any suggestions?

    Sorry, I sound pretty much "paint my mini please", but it's not like that I'm just new to painting mini's, and pretty insecure about making up colour schemes. Have some sympathy

    Kind regards,

    New to miniature painting scene, still in the "my models will look less shitty...... someday"-phase.

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    Well for the skin to do highlights you could try to drybrush them. If you paint them scab red and then use blood red and then a blood red orange mix they will have alot of texture. You could then use your red ink on them to blend the colours. I suggest that you shade them with black first using a fine detail brush.

    Because they will have a fair amount of texture after the drybrushing the models will greedily suck up the ink. Greyish hair sounds fine. Grey and red work well together. I suggest a mix of grey and black to start with as a base coat. Then use grey over this then lighter grey or a light drybrushing with white. Use a very thin watered down black on the points where the hair touches the skin.

    Use only a tiny amount in the brush. This is to help blend it together otherwise the hair will sort of float on the models. For the wings I suggest black. This will look typically daemonic. Use a drybrush to very, very softly drybrush the wings with white or grey as a highlight. Other details like claws will be easy, you could maybe try green or yellow eyes, aviod red if you already have that on the body.

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