Hi, this is my first time posting on this forum.

I would like some advice on Painting the Chaos Giant i received for Xmas.
It is the GW plastic Giant box set that i have set-up for my first army which is Beasts of Chaos. I have Converted him a little so he now has 4 arms, i am also thinking of giving him a Khorne theme, hence his skin is a deep red with dark brown shadows. (See picture)

I am wondering what colours to paint his "Trousers" for anyone not familliar with the model, they are torn material sewed up to fit the giants large legs. I am currently thinking of painting the torn pieces a dark green and a light beige, this is so i can blood splatter them a little ?

Anyways have a look at the picture (Sorry its a little blurry) and please leave me any crit or feedback