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    WHFB - Giant Kurganesque Conversion

    Hey there,

    I got a giant from my wife (God bless her!) and went at it for my Orcs and Goblins. One thing I didn't like about the Giant was how he was stupid looking. Not stupid as in a bad looking model, but mentally stupid. I know that is all part of the game world, but I wanted something different. I had an idea to have my giant with a double bladed battle axe and armor, cutting down on the gut, and making him more buff looking. I was after something kind of like the Kurgan from Highlander in the beginning with the skull helmet and am really happy with how it came together. Special thanks goes to Sean from Z-Games over in Vancouver WA who helped me a lot with this.

    Here are the giant pics:





    Dragon Skull Helmet

    Battle Axe

    The battle axe is made from a He-Man battle axe from the 80's. I had to cut off the handle and use a more sturdy plasticard rod to make it work. I sharpened it and made it more battle damaged.

    The armor is made from - wait for it - playing cards from a collectible card game. In this case, Star Trek the Next Generation. Believe me, I was as skeptical as you when my local store owner told me to use this, but am very glad with the results. I guess the cards have a special protective coating and will hold up well under paint and stuff. I just made a pattern out of the cards and glued it together, then made a bunch of little plates to look like scale mail. I used some shields to help cover the parts where the armor comes together, and to give it more of a pieced together look.

    The helmet is actually from one of the giant clubs, I just carved out the skull with a dremel and carved up his head a bit to make it fit. The "backpack" is made from leftover bits from an orc chariot and jewelry chain. I also added on the big beer keg and one of the other clubs to his back. The banner is the leftover loincloth.

    Overall, I'm very happy with it, and have recently primed it. I think it looks great and will post more pics later.

    Generic Minis - My Blog

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    Looks great! I am digging the helmet.. makes him look almost like a giant Saurus Warrior, ha.

    Can't wait to see pictures of him painted!

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