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    IG / Realism Painting Tips and Tutorials?

    Anyone have a few links to these?

    I like the realistic military kind of style that's seen on a lot of IG tanks; it's rare to see it on models in 40k, but I want to use that kind of scheme on my Eldar that I'm repainting. Before anyone says that Eldar are mystical and should prance around in forests, let me say that this is an aesthetic decision, not a fluff one

    Really looking for a way to paint realistic, nice looking black. All black, no accents of colour - so yeah, it's pretty hard to pick up detail. Looked at the black templar tutorials on the GW website, but didn't really like the effect of any of them.

    Might go with grey, so I'm looking for some good ways to paint greys too.

    Is it just the paint selection that makes things weathered/etc.?

    The game color paints may be a bit too bright/saturated.

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    You seem to be asking 2 things - how to paint realistic, i.e. life like IG (whether the models are IG or not) and how to paint weathered black

    OK the first 1, the answer is simle; dont. Painting ultrarealistic models dont tend to look that good, this is because of scaling, usually models that look realistic are not actually painted realistically but painted to look realistic (does that make sense?)

    anyway, there are some excelent tutorials in WD and the GW web site on basic cammo, for vehicles you can not beat the short treaste in the back of imperial armour 1 although the treadheads article on the GW web site is pretty neat too

    As for black, you have really 2 possible routes to weather - blue or grey, blue tends to be more of a lighting effect so I would sticl with grey, use very thin layers and dry blend, gove serious thought to weather the blend the edges (defacto GW approach) which is generally more of a lighting effect simulation than weathering, or the middle of plates/pannels
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