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    Hyper realistic help

    I was looking around GWs Black templar site about painting black armour, and I ran across a style of painting called hyper realism, I think it looks great, and simple too. Here is a link;Warhammer 40,000 - Black Templar Space Marines.

    Does anyone have experince with this style of painting? How well does it work? any suggestions?

    One other thing, when the article says
    Paint every ceramite plate with Gloss Varnish. This step creates a sheen on the armor that catches any available light and provides instant highlighting — no real work required! For a less-noticeable sheen, cut the Gloss Varnish with water. To build up a gloss like polished, lacquered armor dutifully cared for by its occupant (so that the armor’s spirit would not fail him in battle), apply a second coat of Gloss Varnish
    Does GW make a gloss varnish?, or am I going to have to go down to Ace hardware and get one. If GW doesn't make one, does anyone know of a good one to use, b/c with my luck, I'd go get one at Ace and it would melt my marines.

    cut the Gloss Varnish with water.
    What does cut mean in this ?

    One last question, How exactly do I make a color fade into another color? If it helps I need to fade red into black as it goes up my marines legs.

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    While I haven't tried it, I've seen it done, and it can look ok. For tabletop quality minis, it is fine, and it is definately better than not highlighting at all. However, it is a bit lazy from a technique point of view, and won't help you improve as a painter. If that doesn't particulaly matter to you, or you just want to get finished fast, then by all means, give it a shot.

    GW do make a gloss varnish, which you can buy in a pot called 'Ardcoat (or that's what it was called when I bought it). As usual though, there are cheaper brands out there, and I'm sure some will argue that some are better than others. GWs is fine though.

    When the article refers to 'cutting' the varnish with water, they simply mean mixing the two. Probably about 50/50 is a pretty good starting point, and see if it is too weak or too strong for your purposes. The varnish is pretty thick, so I wouldn't advise using it straight out the pot, as you will probably obscure some detail, and it will take a while to dry.
    Also, make sure you are in a moderately warm and dry place, as humidity and/or cold air can change how the varnish dries *causing air bubbles or discolouration).

    Probably the best thing to do is try several coats of thinned varnish (ie: varnish with added water), and see how it looks.

    As for the colour change, well, that is another post entirely.
    Suffice to say that you will be looking at either layering (also know as dry-blending) or wet-blending. A simple search of the painting forum should show up millions of topics explaining either (or both) techniques.

    Good luck!
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