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    making removable heavy weapons for Eldar (magnets?)

    So the first of the Eldar Falcons has now been assembled (Hazzah!) and i'm looking at all these fun and different weapon combinations, and to be honest, i'm not sure how i want to modularize them

    For my nids, it was easy. Drill apropriate holes, insert magnets and BAM. However with the eldar i'm a little more puzzled.

    How has everyone else modularized your Eldar? Did you stick with the hole and tab system and hope it stayed in place? Specifically, how did you handle the weapons for

    Vypers (right now i've got a really cludgy magnet system in place, doesn't work well)
    Falcons (rod A in slot B?)
    Wraithlords (new model, the old one i have will simply be modeled with EML and BL)

    For the falcons, i was tempted to order a few different turrets and go that way, but the turret sprew is more expensive then i'd like. The turret will be magnatized however.

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    your rod A in slot B gave me an idea. :tongue: :rolleyes:

    you could drill a hole in one of the pieces (A) and insert a, i think, iron rod, or any metal thats magnetic or already magnetized so that it protrudes from the weapon a bout a cm, depending on who large the model is
    and drill a larger whole in the other part ( and insert a small but powerful magnet.

    this way you get the power of the magnet, the strength of pinning, and the versatility of weapons. ITS A WIN WIN :yes:

    i just thought of that, so im not sure if it will work and i dont know eldar weapons or models at all, so all i can say is good luck!

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