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    GK Conversion Idea

    Hiya, I'm a relative newbie to the whole conversion thing, so forgive me for any nubness.

    Anywho, I'm starting up a GK army for 40k, and I was a bit saddened at the relative few poses for Grey Knights. So, one day, I was flipping through my Witch Hunter codex, and I saw the miniature for the Witch Hunter Inquisitor Henchman, the Crusader. He's got a big sword and a big ol' shield, and I thought he would make a great justicar, so my idea is to take a couple of space marine shoulder pads, a space marine backpack and a storm bolter and slap em on.

    Think this would look cool or not so cool? I wanted it to look as if his robe was a part of his armor, so I thought would look fine if the shoulder pads were over the robes, and the same goes for the back pack. As for the storm bolter, I was thinking about either taking a storm bolter, hacking it up and mounting it on his arm, which I think would look rather bad, incorporate it into the sword and turn it into a gunblade sorta thing, or toss the storm bolter in a holster and sling it on the back pack.

    If it seems like a good idea, what kind of space marine chapter would make the best shoulder pad? I saw a shoulder pad with a sword on it, and I think that would make a good left shoulder, just paint the book on, and the left would be a normal shoulder pad.

    So, veterans of many conversions, tell me, would such a project warrant my time, or would it end up being a waste of money?

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    this reminds me of when i did a grey knights conversion.

    i used the storm bolter from the dreadnought arm. it has a feed and everything and should be easy to position on an arm.

    I like the crusader idea, as it is a cool model. However, I feel there is only so much you can do pose wise with the model and it sounds like a hard conversion to make look right.
    have you considered making your own Grey Knights. There are some great bits such as heads, torsos, sholderpads and weapons that could make great grey knights that can be posed differently.
    Incase that apeals to you, here are some useful links to ideal bits.


    Force weapons:
    any of the blades can be cut off the weapon and fitted on to the pole, for a great nemisis force weapon

    shoulder pads:

    hope this helps.
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