Hi there,

Looking for some advice on the construction of some sentinels for my IG regiment which is completely populated by Squats (photos can be found over on the Boot Camp forum).

I don't want to use the regular guard sentinels, as the open crew compatment will look silly if I just headswap a squat head onto the driver. I'm loath to use steel legion sentinels as they're soo darn expensive. I also want to have something which looks that little bit different to the regular sentinel, while still being pretty much wysiwyg (I've got a friend who I may be able to buy/borrow some spare multilasers from). I definitely don't want to go dow the old RT "egg" sentinel route.

So here is my plan. I have a surfiet of old Space Crusade Dreadnoughts. By removing the dreadnought head piece and weapon mount, and then rotating the lower body section through 90 degrees, I get pretty much the back half of a sentinel-style walker, with the "chin-bolters" ending up acting as exhausts (I'll post a picture later to clarify what I mean).

My real need for advice is on how to finish the model off - how to make the crew compartment (which is going to have to be fully enclosed). I've already had a go at a plasticard/regular card one, but it ended up loking very naff.

scouring the other forums, I came across a link to sylmasta who sell modelling putty & Green Stuff.

Being that they do whole metre strips of GS and 5000g packs of A+B, my question is, how practical is it going to be to make a sentinel-looking (but not IP infringing) cockpit from GS alone, or is there a better construction method that even a numpty like me could manage?

anyone else out there tried large scale GSing?