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    Looking for Ideas....

    I'm working on my Incubi cult (just an all incubi army using the DE wych cult rules)...

    I've got 3 large squads... and eldar falcons converted into two transports and a Ravager... w/ 2 full warp beast squads (Incubi conversions for masters, and chaos warhounds for beasts)....

    But... I've come to a stale mate in deciding on what to make my warriors

    I put a fair amount of thought into it... But This is what I'm stuck on...

    I wanted to go with not the brand new.. but the last version of Dark Reapers... (warrior = DR, DL warrior = DR exarch, Sybarite = maugan ra (obviously converted w/ weapons))... And now that I look at the rest of my army I've got... I don't think they'll look coherent..

    So I've got two reasons for dropping them... One, the dark reapers are "bulky" compared to the Incubi... So they seem out of place... and two ... they EXPENSIVE... (not that the incubi aren't... but for models I know are going to thin out quickly.. I'd rather something cheaper....

    So I was looking for ideas to use instead.... Does anyone else have any ideas? and I'm not going to use anything else in the DE range cause it's all horribly ugly..... in my opinion... I was thinking of taking eldar rangers and giving them skulls faces and blades (darken them up)... or going wood elf rangers... and giving them guns... and just using the clothing so they're "ghosts"....

    I haven't worked out the fluffness behind the ghost motif yet though... But I like the idea of ghost shooters...

    The main issue is I want them to look like they can follow the rules they're played with... They have to look shooty... and look like they can FoF when they want to... the reapers can't do that for me... (which really sucks)

    Yeah... the more of I think about it I like it... Just cause I can do some free-hand on the capes... But I'd like more ideas... or fluff support... mainly ideas though (hence this is in the conversion section)

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    converted scorpians? The incubi was founded by the original scorpian phoenix lord. So maybe converted scorpians could be incubi using older armour?

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